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Video Interview with our CEO


  • Health and safety in the mineral supplement industry. 0:02

  • John Kowalski, Marketing Director at Mineral Logic, welcomes Andrew Bruex, CEO, and discusses their focus on providing improved health through advanced micronutrients.

  • Speaker 1 discusses how Occupational Safety and Health regulations unintentionally led to increased factory automation, improving quality and safety.

  • Mineral Logic took business to another level with science-backed products.

  • Product quality, purity, and potency in the nutraceutical industry. 7:05

  • The company invests in studies to prove the quality of minerals and has seen positive results in chicken feeding trials.

  • Highlight the product's potency, arguing it's more cost-effective than it seems.

  • The company prioritizes the quality and purity of product through strict control and third-party testing.

  • Enhancing nutritional products with trace elements. 13:57

  • The importance of micronutrients in improving dietary products.

  • Quality, potency, and value in sourcing folic acid.

  • Fulvic acid testing methods and quality control. 19:49

  • The Lamar testing method is the only reliable standard for measuring fulvic acid potency, with most products exaggerating their levels.

  • The quality of raw materials is crucial for producing a tremendous fulvic acid product.

  • Harvesting and curing raw materials to extract mineral content and fulvic acid.

  • Mineral supplements and their benefits. 26:08

  • With ongoing research and studies led by companies like Mineral Logic, fulvic acid, and humic acids are gaining attention for their potential benefits.

  • Poland has been open to understanding and helping the company understand its products through significant testing, with evidence-backed white papers provided to clients.

  • The company's intake form is available on its website, allowing clients to request additional data and information, with all conversations documented.

  • Improving lives through advanced micronutrients.


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