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Thank you wanting to know where you can find our products in the marketplace.
Complete the information below and we will provide you with a list of a few of our retailers.

Since we are an ingredient supplier to the nutriceutical industry, we do not brand our products for retail sale to individuals for two main reasons:
        1. We do not compete with our customers who are developing fulvic products
        2. We are not setup to sell retail (collecting sales taxes etc)
Note: We will never sell your email. 

Some additional information:


The primary difference between our liquid products is pH and mineral content.   -


The MLG-50 Liquid Fulvic Minerals has a low pH (more acidic like a lemon), it is rich in minerals (especially iron) trace minerals, and fulvic acid, and has a distinctive aroma and taste. 


It may be consumed by blending into smoothies, mixing with juices or sparkling water (with a bit of lemon or lime added) for the best flavor.


The Alkaline liquid, MLG-A50 Liquid Fulvic Acid possesses a higher pH and is rich in fulvic acid but lower in mineral content. 


It may be added to purified water creating a fulvic beverage with a silky texture and almost flavorless taste.


All products contain trace minerals, trace elements, electrolytes, organic acids, antioxidants, flavonoids, phenols, and unmatched quantities of fulvic acid that impart many health benefits. Please note that our products are concentrates and are not meant to be taken orally without dilution. 


Reach out to us anytime. Healthy Regards, 

The Mineral Logic Team

Fulvic Solutions --  Grounded in Science

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