GMP Certified — Natural Products Association
Member of Natural Products Assocation (Promoting Natural Products for Healthy Lifestyles)
UL Certified — Management System
UL Certified — Process National Brand Certification

Mineral Logic's Michigan facility has been certified cGMP by UL Registrar, LLC and
meets the requirements listed in NPA
(National Products Association) and Pharmaceutical certification programs,
which are accredited by the  ANSI (American National Standard Institute) developed in accordance with applicable sections in the FDA code of federal regulations.

Our buyers are assured our product is safe, and backed by high standards in manufacturing operations, quality control checks, and independent lab analysis. More than a food grade facility, we are certified for dietary supplementation of our fulvic products.


Mineral Logic recognizes the value and efficiency of meaningful regulatory compliance to assure our customers that the products we provide have guaranteed safety, sustainability, consistency, are traceable, and verified. 

UL Certified Client Listing of Mineral Logic Here

UL Certified Management System 21 CFR PART 111

This is our dietary supplement standard certification confirming we operate a facility that complies with FDA standards for manufacturing and packaging liquid and powder fulvic trace minerals.


This designates that Mineral Logic is enrolled in the UL Brand Certification program. 

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Member of Natural Products Assocation (Promoting Natural Products for Healthy Lifestyles)
IHSS —Natural Organic Matter Research

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