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IHSS —Natural Organic Matter Research

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Mineral Logic, LLC, was founded in 1997 to commercialize the production of fulvic acid trace minerals as a nutrient and dietary supplement ingredient.

RALF OSTERTAG, CEO, Quality Manager

Ralf is the Quality Manager who oversees and directs the research, formulation and mineral extraction operations at Mineral Logic and AgTonik.


During the past 23 years, Ralf has developed formulas with our MLG-50™ fulvic acid for beverages, cosmetics, sports and health nutritional supplementation, hydroponic, soil and livestock applications.



Andrew is in charge of Mineral Logic’s operational processes, business development and growth. Prior to joining Mineral Logic, Andrew established Industrial Logic Controls in 1987 as a provider of safety abatement and automated quality control systems, a company that he sold in 2011. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Western Michigan University.  


MARK K. WILLIAMS, PhD., Chief Science Officer

Dr. Williams directs our scientific documentation on the physiological structure and functions of the MLG-50™ product family. He provides guidance on FDA compliance and clinical studies.

Dr. Williams graduated from Boston College with a Ph.D. in biochemistry and has worked in the academic and biotechnology sectors for nearly 30 years. He was awarded a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship to study human viruses. 


Dr. Butkus is our product development and commercialization partner
for international sales.


His professional career involves directing work in clinical and lifestyle medicine, nutraceutical, and agricultural business including several university studies.

Dr. Butkus has extensive professional and academic experience. He holds a doctorate in neurology (1987) from Kaunas Medical Academy, Lithuania (EU).



Mr. Unal is our business development partner for international sales. He has over ten years of experience
in brand development, and regulatory compliance for import and exportation
of our fulvic infused products.

He is fluent in English, German, Dutch, and Turkish



IT and ERPNEXT​ implementation



Matt joined our team in 2020 for North and South American sales & business development.

He brings a spectrum of sales, business, and horticultural experience over the last twenty years.

He holds a Bachelor's Degree from Manchester University, Indiana.



Marketing Director 

Anne leads our corporate branding
and communications. 



Dustin ensures that every batch we produce is manufactured in accordance with our GMP standards and all food safety requirements. He performs the daily manufacturing and packaging operations.



Patrick leads the financial, sales and vendor relationships at Mineral Logic. In addition to his background as a business manager, he was a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), financial planner, pension administrator and licensed securities trader.