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Click the Commercial | Business if you have a business application, such as: nutraceutical product, beverage, cosmetic, pet, functional food, bodycare.

Click the Personal Use button if you are interested buying one of our products for your own personal use. This will be a list of some of our retailers and their website link.



Why don't you sell Mineral Logic products directly to customers?



We are a business-to-business ingredient manufacturer and do not compete with our customers by branding a product for the retail market.


I have a question about fulvic minerals in general, how do I contact you?



General questions may be sent through the Personal Use selection under the Contact Us tab. There is a space to ask a question, and we will email you back.  We do not give out medical advice on whether fulvic is good for a symptom, syndrome, or illness.


General questions relating to product development, formulations, or any business idea should be made through the Commercial Use selection under the Contact Us tab. It is recommended that you first develop a business and marketing plan before contacting us. We do not provide samples to non-commercial businesses.  At the bottom of the questionnaire is a field to ask questions.


The Personal Use and the Commercial Use surveys allow us to forward your inquiry to the appropriate team member and provide the answer to you in writing, whereas not all team members are available by phone. 

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