MLG-50 Nutraceutical Powder dissolves completely into pure water.


  • 18 catechin antioxidants

  • SOD properties

  • Provides Mitochondrial antioxidants

  • Cardiovascular support

  • Encourages proper gut microbiome

  • Encourages proper lipid metabolization

  • Neuro-protective

  • Improves oxygen transport

  • Increases nutrient absorption

  • Provides rare trace minerals




Introducing the ultimate in fulvic mineral nutraceutical powder. Fully soluble with more than twice* the fulvic acid content of shilajit, with very appealing flavor and aroma profiles. 

Contract manufacturers save in multiple ways when using our powder. More than twice the potency lowers the amount needed to achieve the same serving size of FA in a product. Using less of a product also results in shipping and storage savings.

Concentration of fulvic acid 40% or greater verified by LAMAR Standardized Quantification Method et al., JAOAC, 97 (3): 721-730 


pH 7.0 - 8.2    

100% water soluble.

Pleasant taste and aroma.

Excellent potassium to sodium ratio.

Recommended Daily Intake (RDI): 100 mg 


Contains: Fulvic acid, minerals, trace minerals, trace elements, electrolytes, amino acids, additional organic and amino acids, plus 22 flavonoids. 


Applications: Input ingredient for supplements, powder mixes, tablets, encapsulation, beverages, cosmetics, personal care, and pet products.


Additional Features

  • High fulvic acid content

  • Non-toxic

  • Bio-degradable

  • Non-GMO

  • Allergen-free

  • Gluten-free

  • Non-Irradiated

  • Free of harmful chemicals.

  • Not a coal derivative.

  • Manufactured in the USA.

*Independent lab analysis of shilajit, as well as other products from leonardite.

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