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Mineral Logic and its subsidiary, AgTonik, own the mine located in the southern U.S.

There are two distinct layers of earth that make up our deposit. The upper layer consists of land origin organic matter, while the bottom layer is of oceanic origin. The bottom layer was formed when the ocean encroached inward over the land mass several times during the course of approximately 33.9 million years. These cycles created a unique deposit composition that contains both fresh and salt water organic components. The trace minerals and organic acids extracted are from a combination of these two layers, unique to this deposit.

Road leading up to the mine site.
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An exposed, cut-away area at the mine, 2010.
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Crystalline structures can be found in the deposit indicating the presence of salt and fresh water compositions. 

Typically the deposit has a scattering of solitary tiny crystals.

Crystalline cluster found in 2011 approx. 2 in. or 5.08 centimeters. 
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This hand-size clump of raw shale/clay also has some crystal clusters scattered and imbedded. 

A clump of raw shale/clay before curing and extracting.
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