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We harvest in the most minimal way possible that maintains the surrounding woodland.


Our deposit is located in the rural southern U.S. on isolated rolling wooded acreage. Chemicals have never been applied or used on this land nor do we employ the use of explosives or huge excavating bulldozers.

We have developed an environmentally-kind harvesting methodology. A significant step in this process includes a lengthy curing procedure 

(upwards of a year and a half) of the raw compost to homogenize the marine and freshwater layers of the material. Once properly cured, the material can accept a water extraction versus requiring harsh chemicals. We utilize a purified multi-stage reverse osmosis water to extract the organic acids, minerals and polyphenols. We use stainless steel and HDPE containers

We also want to mention that we do not use harsh extraction substances like phosphoric and sulfuric acid which will extract high amounts of acids quickly but in the process destroys other beneficial molecules and leaves behind waste material. Our gentle extraction with super purified water and, depending on the product, a potassium agent gently extracts the essential bioactive molecules leaving a residual material that remains earth-friendly and beneficial for the soil.


We employ stringent controls and processes for product consistency and solubility. We are among the top-tier fulvic manufacturers that submit our product to third party testing on every batch produced. Thus we can guarantee the consistent quality of our product. A sample of each batch is reserved for quality assurance.

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