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Mineral Logic, LLC, is a worldwide producer and wholesaler of mature, plant origin, fulvic acid and its naturally occurring constituents as an input ingredient for human dietary applications. We are a business-to-business company and have received cGMP certification.


We own one of the few plant-matter mineral deposits of its type in the United States. Rigorous control over production at every stage makes us a preferred supplier of fulvic acid minerals for customers in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. 


We believe that the collection of natural constituents in our deposit, made by Mother Nature, are very important to the overall profile of our fulvic acid mineral complex. We take great care to preserve these micronutrients by using a low-impact harvesting method, slowly curing the material without high heat and using a 2-layer reverse osmosis water extraction process.  The result is an unadulterated, consistent fulvic product comprised of 33 organic acids, over 70 trace minerals, electrolytes and trace vitamin content.

Mineral Logic and AgTonik's headquarters and manufacturing are located in Michigan, USA.

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