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We continually batch process each of our powders and liquids. In most cases we can have product ready to ship within two weeks. First orders payment in full is typically required, thirty days on subsequent orders. 

1kg / 5kg / 10kg / 25 kg 

FDA Approved bags

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Standard 8oz container

8 oz / .24 liter  OR  32 oz / 1 liter
HDPE White Food Grade
FDA Approved Container


30 and 55 Gal or 200 Liter
HDPE Food Grade
FDA Approved Barrels

Standard 1 Gal or 3.785 Ltr Jug

1 Gallon or 3.785 Liter
Food Grade HDPE 
FDA Approved Jug

Standard 5 gal 20 Ltr Jug

5 Gallon or 20 Liter
HDPE Food Grade
FDA Approved Jug

Standard 275 Gallon or 1,000 Liter Tote

275 Gallon or 1,000 Liter
Food Grade
FDA Approved Totes

1 oz / 30 mL  OR  2 oz / 59 mL
Clear or Amber Euro Round 

with Tamper Evident dropper caps

For those who have branding requirements we offer customer supplied label application.


We ship around the world.

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