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​Our MLG-50® is a fulvic extraction that we manufacture as a nutraceutical powder and various liquid concentrations. The dehydrated liquid concentrate is a 100% water soluble powder.

Our proprietary process and multi-stage RO water extraction method produces a very stable, fully suspended product.

  • 70+ trace minerals and electrolytes

  • 15+ amino acids

  • 14+ organic acids​

MLG-50 is a natural product,  so there will be some inherent variability of these data points in each batch.  However, as our deposit is approximately 34 million years old, this analysis gives an accurate depiction of the typical contents.


Fulvic Mineral Powder


Fulvic Mineral Liquid


Fulvic Alkaline Liquid

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Custom Formulas

Kosher certification for all our products, production facility, and processes, plus packaging has been granted for 2021-2022 by OU Orthodox Kosher International Certification, New York, USA.


AGT-50™ is a bioactive organic acid complex for plants, soil and turf, hydroponic, aquaponic, cannabis, agriculture, and specialty produce industries.


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We bulk package our products ranging from 2 oz bottles to IBC totes and in .5, 1, 5, 10 and 25 kilo bags.


To request more information, please fill out our contact form. We make it a priority to respond to inquiries as soon as possible, often within one business day


- Use as stand-alone or enrich a pre-formulated product


- Water Extracted

- Independently lab tested

- Safe: cGMP facility, Third Party Lab Tested

- Non-GMO

- Gluten Free

- Non-irradiated

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