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Differentiate Your Products with Fulvic Acid & Align with Nature

MLG-50: An Ingredient with Earth Heart

Our high potency fulvic acid molecular complex improves nutrient efficiency and gives your products a unique edge.

Fulvic acid is a humate and its quality depends upon the raw source material, and on excellent manufacturing standards. Mineral Logic’s fulvic mineral deposit is one of the rarest organic-origin prehistoric trace mineral deposits of its type in the United States.

This is a pristine raw source with a desirable nutritional content. A fulvic mineral deposit containing both marine and freshwater trace minerals that are not derived from coal and lignite processing and separates our products from the fossil fuel industry. The age of the deposit and the combination of salt to freshwater nutrients makes MLG-50 a unique bioactive cocktail with high fulvic acid content.

A thick layer of iron ore formed and sealed off the millennia of accumulated marine and lush freshwater plant nutrients. We surmise that the ore protected our layers of compost to concentrate (percolate) down to become the molecular signature (elixir) of life itself.

It cannot be synthesized in a lab. Ever.

“Breathing with Nature”

Because we do not attempt to extract all the elements from our shale which would require harsh chemicals and massive machinery, our manufacturing processes do not create hazardous waste. In fact, our spent material goes right back into mother earth. This is in alignment with nature. Rarely does nature strip all of the fruits and vegetables from an area. Birds take some, other animals take a share, and some goes back into the earth.

Intermittent harvesting means we are not continuously removing material from the deposit. This practice does not scar the earth nor disrupt the natural topography of the land in a permanent and damaging way. There is never any blasting or large destructive machinery used. Because this is a rich deposit, a little goes a long way.

Before we extract, the raw material undergoes a period of time just “breathing”. At this stage the two layers are homogenized in what we call “curing”. This process uses nature’s cycles to prepare the material. The final step is a process much like making a cold-brew coffee.

Our cGMP processes employ stainless steel extraction tanks and FDA-Approved HDPE container vessels and bags.

Respect for the Earth and respect for healthy sustainable business practices. These policies protect our investment, make efficient use of our deposit, and value the people working for us.

What can Fulvic Acid do?

Micronutrients from fulvic trace minerals provide the nutrients missing in our diet which are responsible for head-to-toe biological processes. These multi-functional molecules are called “Nature’s Miracle Molecule” because they are the essential agents for growth, vitality, endurance, recovery, metabolism, glucose storage, and nerve response. They help with so many body functions, but the real charm is that quality fulvic acid will activate the other ingredients in your formula.

  • Fulvic acid is hydrating with electrolytes and trace minerals

  • Its organic acids are free-radical scavengers – UV protection, preserving collagen and elastin

  • Builds ATP and mitochondria – athletic stamina and recovery

  • Good for bones – with micro-minerals

  • Detoxifies heavy metals by escorting them out

  • It contributes to a healthy microbiome in the gut supporting digestion and immune function

  • Better metabolism of carbs and fats – improves muscle response and access to body fuel

How easy is it?

MLG-50 plays well with both lipid and water-soluble formulations. It is very customizable. It’s a clean ingredient that is a powerhouse, yet the best kept secret, only 100 mg daily serving size, MLG-50™ costs less per kilo than competitors yet often twice as concentrated.

Fulvic acid may very well be the secret sauce to differentiate your products! A Fulvic aligned with Nature.

In business since 1994, Contact us today for more information, consultation, or custom blend.

Disclaimer: Our fulvic products are for supporting overall health by way of supplying minerals, trace minerals, antioxidants, electrolytes, and other micronutrients. Our products are NOT meant for the treatment mitigation or prevention of any disease or health ailments.


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