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Amazon Changes for Supplements? – No Problem

When we say UL NPA cGMP we mean it. As you would expect, the recent Amazon dietary supplement changes are not an issue for accredited ingredient manufacturers such as Mineral Logic. We have been able to seamlessly walk through the process with our customers and provide them the documentation they need to comply with this new requirement.

When you choose Mineral Logic, you get a strong partner for your brand but also you get the best fulvic acid source – the highest fulvic acid for nutraceutical powder at 40% – a LOT higher than other brands when using the same testing method. As for the other 60% of our powder we have identified 22 flavonoids – antioxidants and polyphenol organic plant compounds – along with 33 organic acids, and each little trace element by name and property.

Mineral Logic owns a rare unspoiled deposit in the United States. This deposit is not a by-product of coal, but it is a rich deep source of biologically active material – revealed in our lab analyses.

MLG-50 is a buffet from the periodic chart containing the tiniest molecules that brought life together. These same essential molecules in our fulvic acid complex are becoming scarce in our soils and thus our food. Trace elements and minerals support biological processes throughout the body from strong bones and connective tissues to electrolyte balance and hydration.

  • MLG-50 fulvic is a multi-functional workhorse in any formulation

  • It is a nutrient activator and detoxifier

  • It has the highest fulvic acid by standardized testing

  • And it is pennies per serving

Whether your products fall under the categories of nutraceutical, beverage, functional food, or body-care, fulvic acid may very well be the ingredient to set you apart, to truly assist you with helping your customers reach optimal health.

Contact us today for more information.

Disclaimer: Our fulvic products are for supporting overall health by way of supplying minerals, trace minerals, antioxidants, electrolytes, and other micro-nutrients. Our products are NOT meant for the treatment mitigation or prevention of any disease or health ailments.


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