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Fulvic acid firm branches out into biostimulants

Nuu, the digital voice of the advanced bioeconomy, posted news about AgTonik expanding beyond its roots as a manufacturer of nutraceuticals.

According to the article:

In Michigan, nutraceutical maker AgTonik is expanding into new markets with its biobased fulvic acid and plans to at least double its business in the coming year with biostimulant launches for hydroponic and cannabis industries.

Fulvic acid improves plant’s nutrient delivery. Hydroponics and cannabis are attractive markets because they are controlled environments that enable growers to more easily calculate return on investment.

“The market is almost unfathomable in terms of the potential,” Andrew Bruex, CEO of AgTonik tells MiBiz. “We have a distributor that we’re working with out of Florida that’s marketing the product to the cannabis industry. We literally just filled some of the first orders for that. In the non-cannabis world, we’re getting traction in Europe and Australia.”

Read the entire article Here.

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