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HELLO 2018! Wrapping up 2017

7 Accomplishments that Help Support Our Customers

Refocused B2B Marketplace

Our passion is all things fulvic. We’ve always felt that we wanted to be a trusted source for these trace minerals. That's why we don't brand and market our own labeled products to compete with our customers. With our full attention on developing market-ready fulvic solutions that businesses can efficiently incorporate to enhance their product line, we are 100% focused on supporting your business.

Adopting the LAMAR Standardized Fulvic Acid Test

The LAMAR method was approved as the industry’s standard method in 2015 by the scientific organizations: AAPFCO, AOAC International and IHSS. Most people don’t know what fulvic molecules are, much less how to test for them. But in the humic / fulvic scientific community we’ve struggled for decades without a standardized testing method. Thus the stated quantity of fulvic acid in a product could be greatly misleading, as most companies would not disclose nor explain their method of testing. Mineral Logic is an early adopter the LAMAR method for quantifying fulvic acid in our products, which upholds sound science-based global standards.

Website Launches –Partner Focused Websites

We created an AgTonik website late 2016, specifically for the agricultural industry, Mineral Logic’s website was redesigned in 2017 for human health applications and product development for businesses looking to enhance their products. Because, well, everything is better with fulvic.

New Monthly Blog and Social Media Pages

Warning: this newsletter kicks off a monthly blog and social media posting. As our marketing reach continues to grow, our regular blogs and posts raise the bar on understanding the characteristics of what a top-tier fulvic product is and how to verify it. Businesses who already use our fulvic stand to gain by mutually reinforcing information.

Enhanced Global Distribution Network

To provide both our human health and agricultural worldwide customers with easier access to our products and greater support, we enhanced our global distribution network with the addition of two European distributors.

Streamlined and Improved Infrastructure

By far, the biggest and most time-consuming work we’ve done is to improve our infrastructure. We invested in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in the middle of 2016. This is critical step for continually improving all aspects of our production, to maintain cGMP standards and practices and increase production volumes.

When we began improving our processes back in 2016, it led to enhancements such as freeze drying. Freeze drying has been implemented as part of our low heat method to preserve all the organic acids in our product. We also commissioned a multistage reverse osmosis water purification system, larger stainless steel extraction tanks, drum mixers and milling, a lot-coding system and bottle filling equipment.

While we’ve always used purified water, low heat drying methods and stainless steel tanks, we now have the capability to ramp-up production to meet demand while maintaining quality, safety, and consistency of product.

Mineral Logic Meets FDA Guidelines

A surprise visit by the FDA last year was very helpful. Seriously. Nobody wants a surprise audit but walking them through our entire manufacturing process gave us one-on-one time with them and confirmed that we are on track in meeting their compliance standards of safety, purity, and chain of custody documentation.

2018 Growing Strong – Food Grade Fulvic, cGMP Certification and More

We’re excited for 2018 – and everything that’s on the horizon. Why? Last year we saw an increased interest for pure “food grade” fulvic acid products, and a greater desire for using a fulvic as a soil and plant amendment. Excitement is building in the human health industries as fulvic acid finds its way into more human clinical studies.

Thank you, customers and partners. Happy New Year!

Andrew Bruex, COO and Ralf Ostertag, CEO, CSO

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