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Kalamazoo biotech bets on prehistoric compost to aid plant growth

MiBiz news magazine profiled AgTonik and CEO Andrew Bruex in a story on the national and worldwide markets for fulvic acid and its potential to agriculture, hydroponics and the cannabis industry.

According to the article:

"One Southwest Michigan biotech company wants to leverage a little-known chemical compound to capitalize on the hydroponic and cannabis industries.

When AgTonik LLC incorporated in 2014, the company initially produced fulvic acid for use in the nutraceutical industry. Recently, the Kalamazoo-based biotech has started to branch out to new markets as more people discover the molecule’s beneficial properties.

“The market is almost unfathomable in terms of the potential,” said Andrew Bruex, CEO of AgTonik. “We have a distributor that we’re working with out of Florida that’s marketing the product to the cannabis industry. We literally just filled some of the first orders for that. In the non-cannabis world, we’re getting traction in Europe and Australia.”

Read the full story Here.

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