We value your business and are doing our part to help keep our economy healthy as well as our staff. We are OPEN and currently running at normal lead times. Our manufacturing facility is not open to the public. We are following and maintaining COVID-19 guidelines and precautions issued by the CDC and Michigan State regulations.

As a certified cGMP Food Safe Facility, our production already complies with high sanitation requirements and protective gear - mask, latex gloves, clean lab coats, hairnets, sanitizing workstations.

We are also following these protective actions:

  • Office staff continues to work from home at their own discretion.

  • Social distancing is maintained within our building.

  • Facial Masks are required for all closed room and prolonged activities.

  • Extra sanitization is performed on a regular basis.

  • Staggered work schedules and lunchtimes are in place.

For more information about our COVID-19 practices, if you have questions, or if you would like to make a complaint, please contact Anne Walters by email at, by phone, or by mail using the details provided below:

Mineral Logic
7136 East 'N' Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49048

Email Address:
Telephone: 269-552-9436
Effective as of June 2020



Mineral Logic, LLC USA

7136 East 'N' Ave.,

Kalamazoo,  MI 49048

269 552-9436  |  800 342-6960 

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